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Making Peace

by Enharmonic Souls

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released October 1, 2010

Songwriter/Lyricist - Christin Bradford
Guitarist - Erick Greene
Bass - Justin Davi
Drums - Steven Wilt

Keyboards - Jason Butler
Studio Engineer - Kirk Haike


all rights reserved



Enharmonic Souls New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Drunken Tornado
Drunken Tornado

Changed my relationship status on Facebook
Left my MySpace the same
See I’m confused and I don’t know what to do

Told all my friends that I am done
I could convince not a one
See I’m confused and I don’t know what to do

Mr. Drunken Tornado your words rip trough my core
I don’t want to play the victim take my dignity and go
Mr. Alpha Male declaring your dominance
I don’t wanna play the victim take my dignity and goooo

As you sleep through the day
I am weighing the pros and the cons
Figure out what’s right and what’s wrong....yeaaahhh

As you smoke with your friends
Do you think about the mess that we're in?
Do you?


Sunsets rise in my heart and star lit candles fill my eyes
Built my castle in the clouds, look carefully
They are changing form again

Track Name: Done It Again
Done It Again

Oooohhhh you've done it again
Captured my heart like you did from the start
Oooohhhh you're twisted inside
Don't know what you want
Always put up a front

(prechorus 1)
Your wanting eyes and suggestive ways
Somehow have me in a daze
Can't feel or breathe or keep a thought
What’s so sick is that I let you in

Oooohhhh You've done it again set your trap then sat back and laughed
Oooohhhh You're making me ill cause you know you're as guilty as hell

(prechorus 2)
Indian giver you seem to be
You give your love and take it back just as easily
Easy come and easy go
What a lie it all seems laughable

I don’t understand why I cant get enough of you

(prechorus 3)
Sloppy seconds does not excite me
Been to the school of lust cuz you were teaching
A lesson taught is a lesson learned
Almost forgot just how much I am worth

Oooohhhh You're losing your grip, slipped through the cracks while you were smoking that grass
Oooohhhh You're dying alive in your own world lost soul pretty boy

(prechorus 4)
Gave you a chance to be my man
Put my value right in your hands
What more do I have left to give
Time for me to get back to my groove!

Track Name: Horizon

Take your trust
And all the things you gave to me
You said you gave so easily, that wasn’t true
Take your love
It’s the price to high for me to pay
You love me different everyday
You’re not consistent

Sad as it seems
I still think about you baby
And my life without you honey
Is definitely different to say the least
Sad as it seems
I still dream about you baby
And my life without you lately
Is definitely different

See these arms
That used to hold you so tightly
Yeah, now they are empty
But that’s okay
See those eyes
They won’t captivate me ANYMORE
Your sweet words, lil charms
Is that all you know?


I can see on the horizon of my life change
I can see in the portrait of my mind, beauty
I can see in the windows of my soul peace.

Leave me here
Reflective of what we used to be
All I have left is memories
Engrained in my mind
Tomorrow when you call my phone
Don’t expect to get me over
When you are alone
Today if you’re thinkin’ ‘bout me
Keep it to yourself, I won’t be
Your remedy


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...
Track Name: Flutterfly

It’s true I laugh at all your jokes
Cause you’re funny
Sometimes I even laugh out loud to myself
Thinkin’ ‘bout what you said
I’ll keep my dreams to myself
Cause you won’t hear it
You’ll just say I’m a stupid girl!!
My bad for having feelings
My bad for trying to express them

You gonna be freaked when you call
And I don’t answer
You gonna be drove, when I stop giving you power
If you would just slow down
You’d see that I am more than a Queen

It’s true I can’t do physical without emotion
Sex will never be enough to keep my mind
Words will never be enough to keep me blinded
Sorry if you get confused when you lose my devotion

(chorus 2)
You gonna be spooked when you
Realize I’m finished
You’re gonna start spinning your old
Tangling web
If you would just slow down
You’d see that I’m more than a Queen

It takes more than royalty
To describe me
I’m so much more than the
Eye can see

I hereby honor you as King of doube standards
You ask me not to do the crimes you know so well
How is it that you somehow officiate my being
When I’m with you I tend to play a role
Where you da daddy and I’m the little girl.

(chorus 3)
You’re gonna be twisted
When I come out my cocoon
You’re gonna be surprised when you see my wings
If you would just slow down
You’d see that I’m more than a Queen.
Track Name: Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde

Not about a kiss or holding your hand
Yeah, there’s emotion distress, but this can’t be the end
Like Bonnie & Clyde we suppose to ride ‘til we die
Pick one another up
When that walk becomes a crawl

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
Let myself take a ride
On this roller coaster

Maybe I caused you strife,
Made you second guess yourself
Like why I am in your life
And why you can’t find this with no one else


Yeah, you’re swift like a fox
Yeah, you give me aftershocks
But there’s no “I” in teamwork.
Yeah, I’m a little unorthodox
And I stress you out a lot
But there’s no “I” in teamwork

That look in your eyes makes me think
You got something up your sleeve
Like David Copperfield, you’re a mystery to me
The bunny you pull from your hat
Where you get it? No one knows
If you wait for the sunrise, the sun will surely show


Go head, go way across the seven seas
Go down to the center of the earth
All of creation beams
As I bow in humility
To except my fate, as my brother's keeper
I’m my brother’s keeper

Track Name: Dear Daffodil
Dear Daffodil

In a land of milk and honey where tears are not allowed
There are candy coated grass blades and cotton candy cloudsssss

If you dream, then you can go there
If you blink you may lose your head

Dear Daffodil,
Heard you're doing time again
Though your crime is unclear
Trading cigarettes for approval from your cell mates
As your cell guard walks away you carefully plan your great escape

And you are breaking out
You are smiling, child
The heaviness is leaving now,
Cause you are breaking out

In a land where super novas are as common as a star
You can horse ride on a comet or take a train to Mars

If you dream, then you can go there
If you blink you may lose your head

(chorus 2)
Dear Daffodil,
Delicate and fragile
Pulling petals: he loves you
You love him not
Making excuses, reasons to stick with it
Needing freedom to dance on table tops

And you are breaking out
Petal free and you are proud
The loneliness is lifting now
Cause you are breaking out

Track Name: Mary
Mary Jane

(chorus 1)
Mary, your first true love
Mary, say she’s a gift to the Earth from God above

From the Earth she may be
But she is robbing me
Of the one who owns my heart
She’ll paralyze your train of thought

(chorus 2)
Mary, yeah, she had you first
Stupid Mary, see it’s you she hurts the most

Her smokey haze clouds you in
Leaving you with a silly grin
Taking nothing seriously
You turn to me and say “Baby, I’m hungry”
Go ask Mary!

(chorus 3)
Tell her to cook and clean your clothes
Ask her to rub you til you doze
None of these is she capable

So it’s me or Mary
It’s gotta be me or Mary
Track Name: Interlude

Desperate to love you; tried to make you what I wanted
Desperate to love you; tried to show you I was something
But there’s somethin' bout you
There’s somethin' bout you..........
Something bout you.......

Track Name: Somethin' Bout You
Something ‘Bout You

Something ‘bout you got me so curious
Something ‘bout you got me all in a fuss


I've seen you in my sweetest dreams
Yes, I recall we've had some history
Cause you bring me back
To something I've been missing

Something ‘bout u is so familiar
Something ‘bout you is so venomous


I can’t be mad at ya, Cause it's me you're after
And I cant say no
I'm not gonna hate on ya
Cause this love is strong yea
And i can't let go

(post chorus)
Of sweet kisses that never end, holding hands like we're more than friends
Cuddling just to take a nap, I been missing all of that
I say I love you, you say why?
Joking round just to break up a fight
Changing the world as we play our tunes
I’ve been missing all of you

Something ‘bout you , makes me give up my rights
Something ‘bout you , makes me lose track of time


(post chorus)
Track Name: 4U

Who knows where this is going
Been waiting for u all my life
Not gonna hide behind false emotion
Cause you got me thinking that it's time to try

And show you how I feel
And show you that it's real
And pray on bended knee
About our destiny

Who knows how long this will last
When we're still suffering from our past
Not gonna deny my desire for you
Cause you got me thinking that its time to try


I'm here to love you baby
Here to wipe away your tears
I'm here to be your lady
Here to see you through the years

Take... my hand
Kiss... away the fear
Learn... the rhythm of my heart
it's drawing near , it's drawing near

Coming from behind this disguise
My walls are crumbling before my eyes
I am enjoying every moment with you
Cause you got me convinced that it's time to try


Track Name: Peace With Myself
Peace With Myself

No you’re not mine, not technically
Titles are so overrated, it’s your friendship I need
Is there something more? Do you feel it too?
Our deeps meet perfectly
And you know that’s true

She says you’re “hers”, I won’t complain
Keep this secret to myself and walk away
She’s stated her claim, she looks your way
You stare back, tip your hat
And forget my name

Makin’ peace with myself
Ain’t the easiest thing to do
Makin’ peace with myself
Gotta pray it through
Makin’ peace with myself
This light is like a full moon

The walls are up, still here comes
Your wreaking ball, breaking my defenses down
Pleading your cause
Just one last touch, just one last taste
Hold me close, read my thoughts
Back to your game


(post chorus)
So I’m going to
Rise and Shine

My door is open, so go ahead come in
Sit down, sip some tea, stay awhile
You remind me of the ocean tide
Come in so strong, leaving so weakly
Back to where you belong.


(post chorus)
Track Name: Not My Home
Not My Home

This world is not my home
Although I’ve been deceived
I’ve tried in so many ways
To give myself some peace

(chorus 1)
Why don’t you wake up the deepest parts of me?
Why don’t you wake up all that’s been asleep?

They say that life is a road
Filled with bumps and holes
This pathway of righteousness
Seems too hard to roam

(chorus 2)
Why don’t you wake up the deepest parts of me?
Why don’t you help me avoid the easy streets?

(bridge 1)
With a desperate heart I cry
All of heaven's watchin’ by
I’m so tired of turning, tired of yearning
Tired of seeking my own way

In a world of if’s and doubts
I seem so incomplete
I’ve tried in so many ways
To stand on faithful feet

(chorus 3)
Why don’t you wake up the deepest parts of me?
Why don’t you break me until I’m complete?

(bridge 2)
With the whole world passing by,
My soul burns for you in the night
I’m so tired of turning, tired of yearning
Tired of seeking my own way

(bridge 3)
All these lies that were my trophies
I lay down cause you’re worth knowing
All these idols I lay down...
‘Cause this world is not my home

Why don’t you wake up the deepest parts of me?
Track Name: Going Gone
Going Going Gone

Going, going, going, gone, there goes my mind
Trying to think on things that don’t waste my time
Diggin’ up with my shovel these old dead bones
Six feet under wasn’t enough 2 keep me from rehashing.

Two plus two equals four, now divide that by two
You’re right back where you came from
That the numerical equation of me and you
Talking bout your problems tend to make
Me think of mine, I really wanna push
Forward and leave this old mess behind

Gotta be careful hangin’ round you
Gotta be aware of the torture you could put me through
Gotta be mindful that I could fall in love
Gotta stay focused although everything’s unclear
Gotta move forward even if it’s the future I fear
Gotta be aware that my dreams are not out of reach

Havin’ trouble coping
Things are changin’ too fast,
In this hyper-culture simple lessons
Always appear complex.
Break down the judgmental structure
And see what’s left.
The lamp of this nation’s body
Has been clouded with deceit
We turn on the TV and radio
To define who we should be

Gotta be aware of the future shock
Gotta be mindful of this country’s defaults
Gotta be smarter than the average citizen
Gotta be careful not to lose my cool
Gotta be mindful of the reflection I bought into
Gotta be aware that I’m creatively free

Insecurity to insecurity we are all in the same war
Did you build your self-worth on false principle?
Did you close your eyes and forget what you heard?
This altered state of reality has left me
Creatively broke
And we’re fighting, to find ourselves
Spiritual blindness, has put us through hell
And we’re losin' cause it’s not our war
So we’ll pray for some redemptive love

Gotta be careful of what we buy into
Gotta keep striving for something new
Gotta be aware everything’s not as it seems
Gotta stay focused though everything’s unclear
Gotta move forward, even if it’s the future I fear
Gotta be aware, my dreams, your dreams...
Track Name: Insanity (Circular Conversations)
Insanity (Circular Conversations)

Can we begin with agreeing that we don’t know?
Over dramatic you call me
I can’t say you’re wrong

With our circular conversations heading into insanity
Triangular conversation heading into insanity

Even Beethoven would be able to hear the
Vibrating sound of my heart ache that you seem to miss

With our circular conversations heading into insanity
Triangular conversation heading into insanity


Remember you told me? Remember you told me?
You’d never leave ... You’d never leave...
Remember you told me? Remember you told me?
You never leave... You’d never leave me me me me...

In the middle of the night I wake to see...
You haven’t called
Have nightmares of you loving another
I wish you would have called

For circular conversations heading into insanity
Triangular conversations heading into insanity

And we are chasing each other's tails
And we are stuck on this carousel

.... of insanity

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